10 poezii în limba engleză despre vara


    10 poezii simpatice, în limba engleză, despre vara


    Summer, summer almost here,
    Let’s give summer a big fat cheer!
    Of this fact I’m surely clear:
    Summer is the best time of year!

    Smile, It’s Summer!

    SMILE, it’s summer!
    Time to play
    On each warm
    And sunny day.
    SMILE, it’s summer!
    Let’s ride our bikes.
    Or maybe we’ll take
    A nice long hike.
    SMILE, it’s summer!
    Let’s get cool
    At the lake
    Or in the pool.
    SMILE, it’s summer!
    Lots of fun
    From morning
    ‘Till the day is done.

    Count on me to the seaside!

    One for the sea
    Two for the tide
    Three for a donkey
    Four for a ride.

    Five for a sea-gull
    Flying up high
    Six for summer
    And a bright blue sky.

    Seven for a castle
    Built of sand
    Eight for an ice-cream
    In my hand.

    Nine for holidays
    In the sun
    Here at the seaside
    Ten for FUN!

    Waves from the sea

    Splash on my toes,

    Swirl round my knees

    And tickle my nose.

    Sand from the beach

    Slips through my toes,

    Sticks to my knees

    And hides in my clothes !

    Hurray! Hurray! It’s Holliday!

    One warm sea
    Where I can splash.

    Two huge rocks
    Where waves can crash.

    Three sand castles
    I have made.

    Four blue buckets
    Near my spade.

    Five pretty pebbles
    I have found.

    Six shiny shells
    Lying around.

    Seven happy children
    Playing with a ball.

    Eight big sea-gulls
    Screech and call.

    Nine little sailing boats
    Bobbing in the bay

    Ten loud cheers
    For our holiday!

    Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
    Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!


    See the shining sun.
    See us play and run.
    Summertime, oh, summertime,
    We are having fun.
    Watch us as we play.
    We play and run all day.
    Summertime, oh, summertime,
    Please don’t run away.

    In Summer

    by Liana Mahoney
    Pour on lotion,
    Rub it in.
    Perfect for
    My summer skin.

    On my bike
    Or in the pool,
    A sip of water
    Keeps me cool.

    Shades are on,
    Flip-flops, too.
    In summer there’s
    So much to do !


    by Jaymie Gerard
    Piddle-paddle, piddle-paddle, splash, splash, splash
    Summer sun,
    Summer fun
    I’ll swim until
    The day is done.

    And when my suit
    Is dry again
    I’ll turn around
    And jump back in !

    In my swimming pool

    I can stay real cool
    In my little swimming pool.
    On a sunny summer day
    I can splash around and play.
    When I wear my bathing suit,
    I’ll be cool and I’ll be cute
    In my swimming pool!

    Summer Sun

    The summer sun in the sky
    Shining, shining up so high.
    Makes it warm for outside fun
    To play at the park and run
    To swim, hike and fish
    And go on a picnic, if you wish!


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